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This time I will talk about denim. We all own it and its the one thing which we wear almost daily its like an essential piece in our wardrobe. So today I will be talking about something that will help you keep your denim game strong.

Recently the clothing industry is changing so much from simple t-shirts to crop tops, from shrugs to jackets everything. Its kind of like we have to keep an eye on what has changed and new things are going on.

So today focus is on new denim trends that will change your whole outfit game.

Lets begin.


Image result for ripped skinny jeans women getty images

Well you might know about this. The best thing about this denim is its very cool and it can take your casuals to another level. This is not a recent thing but it is a major change in the denim wear.

HOW TO WEAR– Wear it with any casual t-shirt, crop top, or a denim shirt, or any shirt as long as it casual.


Image result for getty images frayed cropped skinny jeans for women

As you can see in the image the denim is cropped and its above the ankles. Isn’t this so cool this can be easily done with any of your denim. Just cut in the right amount. Also it have an unruly cut so do not worry about perfection.

HOW TO WEAR: This can be paired with a oversized shirt or any top. If you wear a t-shirt then layer it with a jacket. If you choose to wear a shirt just let it be like that.


Image result for getty images denim with mickey mouse patches

This is the best change in denim ‘the patches’ not only the cartoon patches there are so many different patterns of patches but I personally love this. It brings back the cuteness to your outfit. Its casual yet its quirky.

HOW TO WEAR– You can pair it up with a an oversized t-shirt also perfect fitted top would be good. Just be careful with what type of shoes you wear with this don’t wear heels. Either wear sneakers or any flat footwear. Do not add glam to it.

So to sum it up 3 major changes in your everyday denim its important for us to know after all the denim is essential piece in our wardrobe.

Changes matters, we  should change with the change.. so this was todays post about the really essential change. Hope it was helpful to you.

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Will be here soon with a new post. Stay Tuned.

Take Care. CIAO!!



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