Hello everybody,

Till now I have made two posts about latest trends and what’s going to be big this year what to wear, which colors going be trending what prints are big this year.

So today in this post I am going to talk about which trends are gone, what not to wear and what is changed.

Yeah it is sad but there are a few things and trends on which people were going GAGA and now it has became so common that it no longer attracts anyone.

So lets began the farewell.


Related image

Don’t be surprised. Well its not like people are not wearing it anymore but it has became very common so there nothing new and trendy about Cold Shoulders anymore. Well if you have wear it but don’t buy new ones as it will gradually move out of style soon.


Related image

Yeah well no need to say but this is totally vanished. I recommend not to wear it at all. It was the initial stage of the choker trend when every girl bought this and wore it. Now don’t wear it.


Image result for feather earrings

This is long gone. I have still observed some of the girls wearing this it make me wanna go and tell those girls that “Please don’t wear this”.


Image result for low waist jeans for women pinterest

Well now if denim is considered then I must say that we are moving vintage with the silhouettes of denim. You must have seen a come back of high waist denim also the flared bottom of denim. Thus the low waist is the gone trend which actually ran like years.


Related image

So this was really trending and now its not going to be so stop buying this. Soon its going to be an old trend.


Image result for mirrored sunglasses womens getty images

We all have owned this piece. This sunglasses had a long phase of being in trend but now its time for classics. You also must have noticed that now those black colored classic glasses are more in trend. So no Mirrored Sunglasses to be owned now.

This brings us to the end of the farewell (haha).

But if I will observe more of this gone trends I will make part 2 of this post. So keep an eye on the upcoming posts. Also checkout TREND REPORT (PART ONE) and TREND REPORT (PART TWO) to know about what’s going to be in trend this year.

Hope this post was useful.

Stay tuned. Be Happy. Take Care.


P.S: Qotd – What’s coming is better than what’s gone.


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