How to – A perfect Bohemian

Hello everybody,

I think the bohemian look is what everybody would like to wear because its pretty, comfortable and it has a very free spirited vibe which I personally like a lot. So today the talk is about wearing a perfect bohemian style without much hassle. Lets get started.


Tip on choosing a dress is stay with plain dress which has a dark color and choose a color which is easy to pair with other things like black, white, brown, maroon, plum red, olive green. This kind of color can be easily paired with other tones.


Pay attention to your dress do not choose a dress which is tight or body hugging if you want a perfect bohemian style


For footwear you can wear a heel but it shouldn’t be a pencil heel a platform heel would be perfect. Color matters a lot you cannot wear those pretty glittery and shiny or pointy toe heels for bohemian the color should either be black or neutral or tanned. But one benefit is the shoe can be in any pattern like in crisscrossed way or there is string which you can tie on your ankle or you can wrap all the way up to knee or wear boots. Flats or Heels both can be ok as far as its not too glamorous or sparkly..

Image result for bohemian tie up shoesImage result for bohemian tie up shoes


For a bag I would totally go for a fringed bag. Points to consider for choosing a bag is it shouldn’t be sparkly in short not to add any glam. Again color should be neutral or black or tan or brown. Also the pattern cannot be too much otherwise it can distort the look. Choose either a simple sling with no designs or a fringed one.

Image result for bohemian black leather fringed bag

Also the color of shoes and bag can be same it will create a really polished and organized look.


For accessories you can wear classic black sunglasses in any shape just avoid wayfarers.

Best can be the classic John Lennon or oval or circle shaped.

Image result for bohemian black classic sunglassesRelated image

So that brings us to the end of this post. Hope it helps you.

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