Back in ACTION

Hello everybody.

Recently I have been observing this trend like almost everywhere. I think this trend is really so cool and feminine and classic.

As you know the details make all the difference and this trend can give major makeover to your outfit. You know what I am talking about? The embroidery. Yeah its like major trend. I know its not major yet but it will be soon.

You guys might have seen recently the denim jackets with embroidered patch details. It looks very cool and vintage.


As I said cool and vintage. I am sure you all have came across this type of denim jacket with embroidered patch details. And if you like this thing grab this type as soon as you can.

HOW TO WEAR: Wear it with a simple skater dress or you can just simply wear it over a casual t-shirt and jeans.

Next item is JEANS. Embroidered pattern over jeans looks fabulous specially when it is floral. It looks feminine and classy.


HOW TO WEAR: This works really well when worn with a simple white shirt which is little over sized. Otherwise if you want wear it with a simple casual t-shirt you are all good as the jeans has its own benefits. But just make sure whatever you wear for top is not too long.

Now lets have a look at the floral embroidered skirt.


Its so cute, isn’t it?

HOW TO WEAR: Wear it with an off shoulder top with long sleeves. Also it will look really good with any crop top which is plain otherwise the printed one will distort the look.

Now I came across with badges and pins a lot which you can just pin it on any of your top or jacket or anything you like. I discovered embroidery has its mark there too. Yeah you can get embroidered patches which you can stick on any of your clothes, its amazing I know. Have a look.

5de912c5b5a8b6a9f52fafe56c895184embroideredpatches etsy.jpg

Isn’t it so cool and quirky?

HOW TO WEAR: Well you can stick it on any of the clothes of your choice t-shirt, jacket, jeans wherever. Although this patches have glue on the back side so you have to keep the patch on the cloth of your choice and you have to iron it so it will get stick on. These are also called iron-on patches.  So its a great and easy DIY which you can do. These things you can get from Aliexpress and Etsy websites, that’s what I came through while researching about it.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

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New posts will be up soon. So stay tuned for such new trends news. CIAO. Take care.



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