TREND REPORT- 2017 (Part two)

Hello guys,

I am here with new trend report and this we will talk about colors. All of you wanted to know about it, yes! even I wanted to. Thanks to Pantone color institute. Yes I have came to know about the color trends of 2017 from this site. I have looked for each and every color which they mentioned at different runway shows for 2017 and I have found similarities in the color pallet at runway shows.

Remember Rose quartz and serenity? Yeah those were color of the year 2016. Color of the year 2017 is ‘Greenery’ according to Pantone color institute.

Pantone color institute has given a list of 10 color trends for spring 2017 including the ‘Greenery’. Now lets start with it.

  • Greenery

This is the color of the year 2017.


  • Primrose yellow

It is a yellow based color but it has a different kind of sunny warmth to it.


  • Niagara

It is the most dependable color because it kind of have that classic denim visual. Also you can wear anything this colored without any second thoughts.


  • Hazelnut

    It is a pure spring color as it possesses a neutrality with a bloomy vibe.

107b739660977b83d21bb5e08e81be39 bottega veneta 2017 hazelnut colour.jpgImage result for spring colour trends hazelnut 2017 getty images

  • Kale

It is a lush dark variant of green. This is a color which would make us connect with nature.


  • Pale dogwood

It is a much softer shade of pink. This color reflects purity and a subtle glow.



  • Flame

This shade is darkest in pallet. It is a bright orange with a red hue. This color is really playful and fun.


  • Lapis Blue

An absolute radiant color in the pallet. It is most intense blue shade with a vibrant and energetic vibe.


  • Pink Yarrow

Bold and bright of all. This color gets all attention with its whimsical and tempting hue.

Image result for spring colour trends pink yarrow 2017 getty images hdImage result for spring colour trends pink yarrow 2017 getty images hd


  • Island Paradise

This color is reflecting a tropical reflective with little green hue as of a sea. Absolute refreshing vibes to be achieved with this color.

Image result for runway spring colour trends island paradise 2017 getty images hdImage result for spring colour trends island paradise 2017 getty images hd

This is it. Now go ahead and fill your wardrobe with this fresh colors.

Soon I will be posting about how to match these colors to create fresh color pallet.

Till then. Stay happy. Take Care.


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