TREND REPORT – 2017 (Part one)

Hello all,

I have come with a post which you would have been waiting to know about from the beginning of this year.

All have questions about which trends are going to be here and stay in 2017. Which patterns to choose. Which materials are going to be on roll. What you can wear without think twice..

I have done a keen inspection about this post and watched many of the runway shows to know about upcoming trends to hook in for 2017.

So lets start without wasting a minute.

  • Stripes, Stripes, and stripes:

This year stripes are so in. In all the runway shows I have seen it had element of stripes some way or the other. But the most flattering was clean stripes which were not too broadly lined.

In Carolina Herrera’s runway show for 2017 I saw two dress which had stripes one was in white and one was in black. Have a look.Carolina Herrera New York RTW  Spring Summer 2017 September 2016

Carolina Herrera New York RTW  Spring Summer 2017 September 2016
Carolina Herrera New York RTW Spring Summer 2017 September 2016
  • Sheer Skirts and Slogan printed t-shirt:

Other most observed trend which was worn together is Slogan tee and a sheer skirt . This idea in itself is so brilliant and when I saw this combination on runway at Dior’s spring 2017 collection and the slogan was ‘we should all be feminist’ I felt that its classy and at the same time it had a fun element to it.


  • Slogan white t-shirts:

Not only the combination of sheer skirt and slogan tree but these slogan t-shirts can be very versatile it can be worn with skirts, shorts or denim. The versatility is much much more.


These trends are sure to rock 2017. And seeing the versatility of this years trend I think you would also be happy with this post.

But hey don’t worry only this three trends are not going to be a hit I will be back soon with TREND REPORT – 2017 (Part two)

Till then take care, be stylish, be happy .

Stay tuned.



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