Wearing maxi dresses at office.

There have been long running discussions which do not seem to end, regarding maxi dresses and their suitability in terms of work wear. We women have an eternally loving bond with our maxi dresses and there is great demand for these dresses for girls online nowadays, which proves that they are definitely one of the best contemporary trends in online clothes shopping. Before it took on as a must have dress for girls, maxi dresses would be flaunted by the movie starts and divas, since were mostly considered to be casual and funky. However, these dresses are the modern day staples in every girl’s wardrobe and they are as versatile as possible. They can be worn to casual hangouts with friends, on vacation, when you visit the mall for movies and to dates or parties and most surprisingly even to work, though this may come as a doubtful idea to many.

We all know that maxi dresses have made a considerable impact in the worldwide fashion fraternity and can be seen to be flaunted at red carpet events. Celebrities are seen to leverage the popularity of these long dresses as a more fashionable alternative to the other conventional dresses for girls. The longer hem lines which brush the ankles or are just about to sweep the floor, are clearly the major crowd pullers and you must have seen their demand in online clothes shopping. People are now experimenting more with bold and colourful prints and patterns in shades like peach and tangerine while some are even going for the bold and appealing patterns like animal prints.

One positive thing about maxi dresses is that they can be worn and accessorized in various different ways. You can team your long dress with a belt, scarf or even statement jewellery. You can even take a matching bag with these dresses. However, going over the top with accessories is strictly not recommended since this takes the focus away from the dress itself. Now let us get back to the age old discussion about whether these dresses can actually be suitable when it comes to work wear dressing? Many fashion experts and enthusiasts might tell you that the answer is simply a clear ‘no’. We also agree with them to some extent since these dresses are mostly seen as a very casual option for the office based on the current perceptions of dress codes.

However, there is a concept called casual business dressing which includes work luncheons with your team, dressing on Fridays, special office events and trips. We think that it is in this particular category that these dresses for girls can be really apt when worn with some planning. You can actually wear them to your office and women have often been spotted wearing long dresses to their workplace. Of course, it goes without saying that in office dressing demands a more conservative and formal approach, so they might make you look way out of place, if they are worn without a thought!

To wear long dresses to office, you can actually think of opting for a classic print or even a solid neutral colour for the maxi dress that you plan to wear to office. There are many maxi dresses available in different shades and textures that look very grungy and wild to say the least! Those are definitely not the ones fit for the office and you should always go for striped patterns and solid colours which look more sober. You can even think of layering with a smart blazer or even a cardigan during the winters. If it is not very hot, you can experiment by wearing a tank top underneath your long dress to add balance to the neckline. It is recommended to always wear three-quarter sleeves since covered arms make these dresses more apt for the office surroundings. Else you can play smart by wearing a button down shirt over the dress and a belt, for a look which is more sober and formal. Always remember to wear professional and formal shoes instead of boots or strappy sandals. Flat shoes are good choices in this scenario and you can also go for a pointed toe for your shoes. Do stay away from the dresses which show a little leg or come with plunging necklines and high slits! There are several styles which almost look like night gowns so be cautious of those too. Also, it is better to refrain from wearing bright shades like pink or white if you are wearing a maxi dress to work.

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