REVIEW – Biotique: Bio walnut bark- Body building shampoo

Hey people..
Let me hitch to today’s post.  Today I am gonna give a review of the shampoo which is from “Biotique” brand which have products made from ‘ayurvedic receipe’

The shampoo about which m gonna give u guys a review is “Biotique: Bio walnut bark- Body building shampoo”. Its useful for thin or fine hair.

Ok! Now lets hitch to my experience with this shampoo.
• The 1st wash was good.. like it made my hair shinier and soft than before. This was noticeable result. It also gave a bit lift to my hair. Also the 2nd and 3rd wash were same. Actually I have thin hair so it gets oily in just one day after the wash with this shampoo it got oily after 2 days. 2nd day scalp gets oily but not that much as it did before. 4th wash and fifth wash was same it makes hair shiny and soft and scalp clear dandruff was bit reduced.  BUT it didnt stoped my hairfall or didn’t made it less.

So overall it results in making your hair shiny and smooth.  It adds volume to hair bt not much noticeable.

NOW let me tell you what details do the bottle shows about this shampoo:
★It says “This rich, body building formula cleans and revives hair for a fuller, thicker, lifted look. pH balanced formula helps prevent hair loss”
★It contains ” walnut bark 1.5%, amla fruit 1.0%, bhringraj plant 2.5%, ritha fruit 2.5%, purified water QS”.

1. 100% botanical extracts/ayurvedic receipe
2. Preservative free
3. Make hair shiny and soft after 1st wash only
4. Cleans scalp/ clear dandruff
5. No animal testing done
6. Affordable price

1. Didn’t added much volume
2. No visible results for hairfall

So total ratings after 5 washes are 3.5 bcz I may gives shiny hair bt mainly its expected to add volume to hair and reduce hairfall which it didnt resulted upto the mark.

Well I’ve used it for 5 times may be it shows results after some more use. As you can understand anything doesn’t show any meteoric results. So will post more about this shampoo and its results.
So stay tuned and be healthy.

Also if you guys have any questions about this products or may be your hair problems you can comment it below or you can mail me. Would love to hear from you.

Love to all


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