Heartly talks

Today m not gonna talk about fashion or anything. Ill just talk about emotions and feelings..

Actually I’v a great regret losing a really important person of my life. The way we got along was so awesome and perfect. Like we were great friends+family.  It never felt that we were not born as a family. We did support eachother just like family or your parents does. Yeah and I can surely say that after my parents that person was second most important person in my life and still is. I cant pour out my heart to someone directly (I dont know m bad at expressing my feelings face to face to anyone from childhood) and still m unable to tell it directly. That person is no longer with me..My Life is changing so much and I dont have any idea till the date that how this incident happend to me. I never thought about such things, that my life will change so much ill change so much. I dont know where this life is gonna take me.
Each and everyday I regret losing that person, this burdens my heart so much I cant tell anyone about it. And till the day m alive ill regret losing such a great person. I’v made a mistake which ill regret till my last day of life.. ill never forget that person who was just like a perfect beautiful magic which ever happened to me..
Life’s a bitch you dont know when it will change, so be happy, enjoy every good moments to the fullest, get along with your friends alot, say “love you” to your loved ones too much, pour your feelings out..you might not know whom you’re meeting for last time(I know it sounds rude or too blunt but its true). Regrets are hard and really painful.
You cant do anything ones the moment/situation/opportunity/person is gone afterwards you’ll just get a regret to live with.. Don’t let this happen to you. And also dont let this happen to anyone you love. Make your life good, recklessness towards a small thing can also become a regret afterwards. Be awesome but not reckless. You life will be based on how you pass your days.
Take control. Be positive.

Spread love ♥


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