BE Beautiful

Hello lovelies,
Hope you are all happy and healthy..

So today I am going to give you some tips and tricks to clear out acne.

untitled acne.png

I have really simple solution for it and trust me it works wonder(I personally prefer this).

What you need is honey and aloe-Vera.

  • Take an aloe-Vera leaf (the one with less dots will be more preferable)
  • Extract the gel from it and take it in a bowl.
  • Now add some honey to it (amount of honey should be equal to that of aloe-Vera gel)
  • Now mix them until you see that both the things have mixed properly and apply this mixture on the pimple.

This mixture will surely reduce pimple. This is very effective home remedy especially for pigmented pimples.

You can also use aloe-Vera gel alone but its not recommended for people with dry skin because it may cause excess dryness. So this mixture is perfect. Those who have oily skin can also use this.

Here is another tip. This home remedy is for instant smooth and soft skin. You can do this before applying makeup.

What you need is besan, haldi and milk or rosewater. If you have dry skin than use milk and if you have combination/oily skin than use rosewater if its not available than plain drinking water can also be used.

  • Take 2 teaspoon besan in a bowl, add less than half teaspoon haldi and add milk or rosewater to form a paste. Now mix them perfectly.
  •  Apply this paste on your face with the help of your finger and massage in circular motion for 1-2 minutes lightly, do not give pressure or dont rub your skin harshly.
  •  Rinse your face with clean water after massaging. You’ll surely notice that your skin feels smoother than before.

Regular use of this mixture can also lighten the dark spots , also brighten your skin colour by removing tanning and will make your skin even.

Both the tips are given from my personal experiences. And I always prefer using natural remedies than any other beauty products like facewash, scrub etc.

Hope this tips would also be helpful for you lovelies.
Enjoy and spread love✌
Will be back soon with new and much exciting post.. Till than.
Ciao! And lots of love to all ♥♥


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