Bright Hues


Very know celebrity “selena gomez” was spotted in this look. I am really inspired and impressed by how she is balancing the bright hues and light hues.

Looking at the Light hues which are the basic White shirt and Skinny jeans and the Bright hues are Red blanket coat & Leopard print pumps.
The impressive thing about the look is that its not very bright and also not very light its the combination of both.

The brilliancy of outfit is Layering Bright coloured blanket coat over basic shirt and jeans and wearing animal print pumps it is taking her look to a new level of style.

This picture is created using Polyvore app. Also I have posted a story of same outfit on another app named Roposo .
If u want to present ur views regarding style and fashion comment it. Always welcoming suggestions and views.

Thank yall for reading my post. But yeah there is more to come so be here for more such fashion n style inspirations n looks..


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